Voiceover Auditions

There has been some discussion about voice overs for the episodes. However, in order to do that I will need a cast.
This is your chance to be involved, all you need to do is pick a character you would like to play and email
(set the topic to: Consanguinity) a sample to me.

A few things to keep in mind, this whole idea depends upon finding a voice for everyone.
I don't mind people applying for more than once character (as long as those characters don't share any scenes),
certain characters might appear again in the future (if I make a second season or one of episodes etc)
and I might decide a voice would be better suited for another character.

Here is a list of every character and their status.

Damien 1-10 Taken
Sarah 1-10 Taken
James 1-10 Taken
Sylvia 1-10 Taken
Tglaeukavs 6-10 Available
Edward 2-10 Available
Jen 4-10 Available
Adzar 9-10 Available
Jean-Francois 7-8 Taken
Kameko 7-8 Available
Alyssa 7 Available
Masked Man 7-8 Available
Thug 1 Available
Security Guard 2 Available
Apocalypse Idol Presenter 3 Available
Bartender 6 Available
Researcher 4 Available